I'm an artist, writer, and software engineer.


Every Second, A Color v2

Every Second, A Color v2 is inspired by Leah Rosenberg's Everyday, A Color.

Every Second, A Color

Every Second, A Color is inspired by Leah Rosenberg's Everyday, A Color.

Spot Painting

Spot Painting is a simple web app, inspired by Damien Hirst's spot paintings, that lets you set parameters to randomly generate spot paintings, title them, save them to a gallery, and share them with your friends.

Tic Tac Toe

I built a simple Tic Tac Toe game using JavaScript and jQuery.

Damien Hirst Spot Paintings

I've always been a fan of Damien Hirst. Recreating his spot paintings for the web is my way of creating "master copies" and practicing my HTML and CSS skills. I am only using colors from the extended color keywords list above.

CSS Extended Color Keywords

While learning CSS, I discovered the 147 extended color keywords and wanted to display them in a prettier way than HTML tables. I'm currently obsessed with circles, layering, and transparency, so I incorporated these aspects into my simple design.